Book Review: The Kraken of Cape Madre (Lorestalker #2) by J.P. Barnett

The Kraken of Cape Madre (Lorestalker #2) by J.P. Barnett

A Thriller/Suspense Novel published by Evolved Publishing LLC (06/03/19)


Spring Break should be a time for relaxing and having fun, but it’s not long before Miriam saves another spring breaker from some mysterious water monster. The town doesn’t want to panic but soon teenagers start disappearing and it seems this unknown Kraken may be the cause. Can Miriam, trained as a monster hunter, crack this case or will it be the death of her?


Summer Vacation, Sea, Ship, Boat, Suspense, Thriller, Victims, Blood, Monster, Monster Hunter, Fishermen, Small Town, Police, Murder, Disappearances

My Review:

I really liked the fast, tight pacing of this book. I also really enjoyed the descriptions of the sea creature and the way she attacked her victims. This monster felt so real and lifelike and somehow utterly realistic. For those who enjoy swimming in the ocean, you might think twice after reading this novel.

I love the gorgeous cover. The fonts, colors, and art style seem perfect.

It does seem like the novel straddles YA and Middle Grade. Some things are simplified and surface level while other times the tone is darker. Miriam felt older at times and younger at other times. I couldn’t quite seem to gauge her age.

I was rubbed the wrong way when an explanation for something was based on females vs. males and the implicit and accepted idea that there are only two genders. This may be just a simplified explanation for this beginning book of the series and maybe the author will go into more depth later but it seemed like a throwaway explanation. I’m tired of the “It’s because (s)he’s a (wo)man” explanation in books and movies. It’s also a surface-level explanation that’s an easy guess for the reader/viewer and a letdown moment for the climax/resolution.

This book was like Jaws meets Stranger Things, entertaining and easy to read.

This novel was published by Emlin Press on 06/03/2019 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.75

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