Book Review: An Affair to Dismember (Matchmaker Mysteries, #1) by Elise Sax

An Affair to Dismember (Matchmaker Mysteries, #1) by Elise Sax

A Cozy Mystery Novel published by 13 Lakes Publishing (01/16/17)


Gladie Burger, granddaughter to small-town Cannes’ matchmaking extraordinaire Zelda, usually don’t stay in the same place or do the same job for that long. It’s been three months since she moved back in with her grandmother and she’s been floundering. Can she take over the Burger matchmaking business, especially as a single person herself with a terrible record in the romance department? A series of odd incidents and murders will sweep Gladie up in the drama and she can’t seem to keep her nose out of trouble. She seems to have more knack for detective work than matchmaking, even though the local police chief and her hunky new neighbor have their sights set on her.


Mystery, Psychic Suspense, Relationships, Humor, Murder, Nosy, Neighbor, Blondes, Family, Drama, Matchmaking, Cozy Mystery, Contemporary

My Review:

This book was as odd as Gladie. As a person, she acts very counter to an actual human in many circumstances. This makes her more unbelievable as a person, but also more intriguing to read about. What will she do and how will she react next?! I wanted to like Gladie but I couldn’t quite relate to her or her hijinks. Hot guys fall into her lap easily, and all of a sudden, even though she’s been in town for three months straight. She keeps talking about how she wears sweats and has gained weight since all she seems to eat is junk food with her grandma and yet both the police chief and the hunky neighbor of mysterious origins and employment can’t resist her. What is her pull if they don’t know her and see this comedic woman around town? Even Gladie can’t believe all the attraction she’s getting.

It wasn’t just Gladie that was an over-the-top character. The police chief, the hot neighbor, Zelda, every single member of the family across the street, and then some all are larger-than-life characters. It’s fascinating to watch such loud personality characters for pure entertainment. Don’t try to get more than entertainment out of this cozy mystery or you will be disappointed. This stupidly funny book won’t make you smarter, but it will amuse you for a few hours.

I loved the short and to-the-point matchmaking advice from Grandma Zelda at the beginning of each chapter, tailored as if written directly to Gladie on the page.

This novel was published by 13 Lakes Publishing on 01/16/2017 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.00

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