Book Review: Accidental Makeovers: A Romantic Comedy (Rom-Com on the Edge Book 4) by Carol Maloney Scott


Accidental Makeovers: A Romantic Comedy (Rom-Com on the Edge Book 4) by Carol Maloney Scott

A Romantic Comedy Novel published by Amazon Digital Services LLC (03/31/16)


“I just want to make people look pretty, for God’s sake.” (Kindle Location 2892).

Bianca isn’t satisfied with the turn her life has taken. She waitresses with her mother’s catering company and is in a relationship with her baby’s daddy. She would like to move out of her mother’s house and use her cosmetology license in her job. Her boyfriend and baby daddy Max is fine living in Bianca’s mother’s house, playing video games and playing in his rock band, until Bianca tells him it’s over this time. Now Max must grow up and show how responsible he can be or let the new beau Eric take his place in Bianca’s life.


Single Mother, Son, Cosmetology, Catering, Waitress, Band, Musician, Friends, Makeovers, Relationship Issues, Baby Daddy, Dating, Family, Romance, Love, 2-Year Old

My Review:

This book was difficult to read. There were very few dialogue tags and with the amount of characters it was confusing and hard to keep track of who was talking. I had to work to decipher who was talking. The characters didn’t have enough diction differentiation to tell who was speaking based on style alone. Many sentences and character thoughts were also left unfinished. There were many ellipses. I wanted most of those thoughts to be finished and not left hanging.

I didn’t quite care for the main characters. They were adults but many times acted and talked like teenagers. They would sometimes talk things out and communicate all their feelings and other times act on impulse.

Max talks bad about Bianca in his head all the time, specifically pointing out her flaws as a mother and housewife. Because of these thoughts I did not like him. His actions spoke louder than his thoughts, but he was still continuously thinking poorly about Bianca.

I forgot Bianca was a single mother for much of the book because she never really seems like a mother or a single mother because her own mother is always helping her out and she’s not worried much about her kid, unless she wants to introduce him to her new boyfriend.

Eric was perfect and then he was not because as soon as Max wants Bianca back and to make the relationship work, suddenly Eric isn’t so perfect after all.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services LLC on March 31st, 2016 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 2.50

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