Foodie Fridays: Another From my Faves – Chia Pods Chia Pudding

Vanilla Chia Pod 2 (1)


I took my first taste and I wasn’t sure that I liked it. Are there ever any foods where you eat some and you don’t immediately have an opinion? CHIA POD was it for me. So I took another sip/bite and another and what do you know I loved it! It is smooth but has a crunch to it from the chia seeds. It isn’t too sweet, but it has a very unique texture. I call it my “goop.” At only 160 calories per container, it makes a great breakfast, snack, or dessert. It only has 4 ingredients!┬áChia Seed Gel (Filtered Water, Chia Seed), Coconut Milk, Vanilla Bean Paste. This is a special treat everyone should try and try again to form an opinion on the fascinating “goop” of a texture.

Where did I get it? Costco!

Where can you get it? Check out their website’s map!