Book Review: Confessions from a Coffee Shop by T.B. Markinson


Confessions from a Coffee Shop by T.B. Markinson

A Fiction Novel published by T. B. Markinson (07/13/14)



Cori is working the local coffee shop to make ends meet, but she shouldn’t have to work two jobs. She’s the daughter of the famous writer Nell Tisdale, she went to Harvard, and she is a University professor. Doesn’t add up? Throw in the shopaholic girlfriend Kat and the fact that Cori can’t seem to finish her own book (long since spending the $10,000 advance).

Cori’s life gets thrown further from order when the hot cheerleader from high school saunters into the coffee shop when Cori’s working. On top of her old crush making an appearance, Kat is supremely jealous, Nell can’t stop talking about sex in front of her, and Kat’s dad ropes her into doing his dental billing work at night. Cori will not only have to find time to sleep, but also get her life back in order before something breaks.



Drama, Friendship, Stuck in a rut, Writing, Lesbians, Loyalty, Coffee Shop


My Review:

T.B. Markinson has a gift for character interplay and raising the stakes. She creates brilliant characters full of life that the reader is bursting to meet. After first reading Marionette, Markinson’s then newest novel, I just had to read every other novel and I haven’t been disappointed. Confessions from a Coffee Shop is a great portrayal of woman down on her luck who has the ability to change her life, but is stuck in her rut.

Markinson gives us a thirty year old character who any woman of any age can relate to. Cori has relationship issues and job issues and friendship issues. Markinson also gives us so much life of character that we are instantly in the midst of all Cori’s issues with her. Markinson shows the brilliance of her writing as Cori develops throughout the novel.

Halfway through I understood the cleverness behind the title, it’s a double play on words and absolutely brilliant. I loved the book through and through and can’t wait to pick up the next book by T.B. Markinson.

This novel was published by T. B. Markinson July 13th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 5.0


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T.B. Markinson’s website

Miscellaneous Mondays: My Favorite Indie Authors 4/5 – T.B. Markinson

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I found T.B. Markinson from a Goodreads Review group. The book was Marionette and I fell in love. I was so excited to see that Markinson had other books I could read and was going to release Claudia Must Die in December. I was hooked, but I didn’t read all her books immediately. I wanted to save them, savor them, cherish the reading time I spent with them. I have since read all but A Woman Lost and I’m super psyched that Markinson is working on the sequel!

T.B. Markinson is on my list of Indie stars to watch out for because she writes such good books. I’ve read all her books and in each of her four books (thus far, but I’m hoping for more) she has hooked me from the very first sentence to the first paragraph to the first page and on throughout the entire novel to the very end. I’ve never read such a great opener as the one in Marionette. Markinson had me hooked and I couldn’t put it, or any of her other books, down. And now I want more. Markinson delivers a smooth writing style that is descriptive without giving away too much. Her characters are alive and have a depth and personality that rivals anyone you might meet in real life. But the characters were so much more than alive, they were larger than life and I wanted to stay in their lives indefinitely, but they were still very relatable. The situations Markinson writes about are intriguing and the dialogue is realistic and, at many times, quite witty. One of the reasons I really like Markinson as an author is that she always (so far) uses female characters as her protagonists and many of her other characters as well.


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