Book Review: Coup de Grace (The Gift of Grace Book 2) by Esther Jones and Frog Jones


Coup de Grace (The Gift of Grace Book 2) by  Esther Jones and Frog Jones

A Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Novel published by Sky Warrior Book Publishing, LLC. (02/19/14)


Grace Moore is the interim director of the Spokane Grove of summoners and must convince the other Groves that she deserves to keep her position. Some are very eager to replace her. Grace does what she has to do to protect her apprentice Robert and the good people of Spokane. When her contact in the local police clues her in that someone has reopened the mall investigation from book one, she must act. Robert is also living under the radar, but he hasn’t forgotten the girl he left behind in Cythymau’s world in book one. After graduating from high school, he will go on to college, right? Or is Robert powerful enough and trained enough as a Summoner to go after the poor trapped girl?


Summoning, Magic, Danger, Fighting, Police, Damage, Power, Runes, Blood, Organization, Politics, Teacher, Learning, Graduation, Teenager, Hiding

My Review:

It took quite a few chapters to get pulled back into the Summoner’s and Grace and Robert’s stories. Much of the beginning of this book was taken up with Grace’s trip to Vegas and her attempt to be political, gain support and more members for the Spokane Grove. Meanwhile, back in Spokane, Robert is going to school and biding his time until graduation. Not much is going on. The slow start, however, was made up for by the epic second half of the book. The buildup and perfectly paced climax kept me at the edge of my seat. I absolutely loved the ending.

The tie-ins for this book were very clever. Anytime Cythymau showed up, he was a true villain. He was the right amount of clever and evil without being overwhelming.

Robert’s relationship with Grace was stretched to the utmost in this book. Robert had to grow as a Summoner and a person to make the right choices, but he doesn’t always make the right decisions. He is human after all. I wish I could have read about the incident in December. I’m sure it would be interesting and show a lot about Robert’s growth as a Summoner and a person.

The humor was more on par in this second book, but I missed much of the foodie aspect in this book that was present in book one.

This novel was published by Sky Warrior Book Publishing, LLC. on February 19th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.50

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