Book Review: Ghost Storm by Sechin Tower


Ghost Storm by Sechin Tower

A YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel published by Sechin Tower (07/17/15)


“…sometimes it’s better to stand out badly than to fit in adequately.” (Page 68).

Dean Lazarchek is still dean of students at the Mechanical Science Institute… for now. He still feels inadequate to lead his students and to keep them from harm, after all he was just a firefighter before he stepped in to fill his dead fiancé’s role as dean. She left large shoes to fill, but after fighting off the near destruction of the world as we know it, another threat looms on the horizon and this one has memory lane written all over it. Will Dean be able to prove to himself that he’s right for the job and save his students?



Tesla, Twain, Scientists, Hackers, Save the World, University, Experiments, Mad Scientists, Explosions, Bad Guys, Danger, Thugs, Technology, Clueless, Lighting, Storms


My Review:

Ghost Storm is told only from the point of view of Dean and in the beginning he’s a bit pessimistic/depressing/sad. I miss the chaotic brain of Soap and her female perspective in Ghost Storm. Having the POV of just one person and for him to be a grieving adult, pushes this third book in the series to a more advanced age group. There are explosions and evil and fighting to save the world still, but the mood and tone of the narrator makes for a more ‘adult’ book that would probably appeal more to an adultier audience.

Soap, a character we grew to love in books one and two is almost nonexistant in this third book. Most of the students are given less time and less action in this book, though we are introduced to a new student who helps to save the day, Cake.

Technology and science in the book is cool, still above my head, but way cool the things that they can do. The technology really is able to move the plot along, for without the Predecessors and their Teslanium there would be no bid to end the world or to destroy everything in the name of saving the world.

This novel was published by Sechin Tower on July 17th, 2015 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.25

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