Book Review: Last Chance by Lauren Runow

Last Chance by Lauren Runow

A Contemporary Romance Novel published (01/05/18)


Mackenzie has always had a crush on her best friend’s older brother. Her fantasy is one night with him. It’s been eight years since she’s seen him, will he still think of her as his little sister’s friend or will he give her a chance as a lover and maybe more? Connor doesn’t want a girlfriend and spends most of his nights at a members-only club with a new stranger each night. Will the latest masked stranger change his mind?


Sex, Romance, Bucket List, Death, Best Friend, Sex Club, Older Brother, Contemporary


My Review:

From the beginning, this book promised heat and a lot of it! Our main characters have a not-so-chance encounter at a sex club where members aren’t allowed to take off their masks and everything goes. I thought the book might be too much erotica and not enough story. All steam and not enough romance. But I was wrong. The not-so-subtle hints the author leaves that Mackenzie is checking off her list (obviously a bucket list) and I immediately knew that she was dying and wanted to live life to the fullest while she still could. Since it was so obvious what was going on, the coy and deliberate way the author didn’t go into specifics about Mackenzie’s sickness was lost on me.

I was waiting for more details about Mackenzie’s sickness and not just her feelings about it. I wish there had been more depth to her illness and the way it was written, that the author had done more research and gone into specifics more. It felt like a romanticized version of the illness and not a realistic one, at least not until the end.

I never really liked Connor. At first, he comes across as an entitled prick with some antiquated views on women, and then he changes very quickly into a sappy and perfect romantic partner. I wanted more depth from his character.

The plot completely lost me toward the end with the soap opera style final wish of Mackenzie’s – one she hadn’t thought possible and hadn’t even considered putting in her list. The whole idea of it was off-putting to me.

I want to read a romance novel where I see myself as the characters, where I pine for the romance the characters have, where I am attracted to the leading love interest, and where I’m emotionally invested in the couple and their troubles, and I can’t put the book down. This novel did not check any of these boxes for me.

This book deals with an emotional subject but my eyes were dry.

The book is easy to read and the writing does flow so you can read it in one sitting.

This novel was published 01/05/18 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.25

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