Miscellaneous Mondays: Fablet/Phablet

As an author, poet and geocacher in the process of searching for a device that does everything I want it to do is difficult.

I want a device:

  • I can check my emails and that new emails will “push” or automatically download to the device and notify me of their existence
  • I can run netflix/Amazon Instant Video
  • I can update my websites/blogs/Author Platform (wordpress, google+, facebook, Amazon Author Central)
  • I can do writing (good keyboard/keyboard enabled)
  • I can read books!
  • 10+ hour battery life

So basically I want a phone/tablet/e-reader all in one

Also: It would be awesome if I could hook it up to an external monitor…


According to PC Encyclopedia, a phablet is: “A smartphone with a 5″ to 6″ screen. With a display larger than traditional smartphones, a phablet offers a better visual experience for viewing Web pages but can be bulky in an small shirt or pants pocket.”

I think 5″ to 6″ might be too small for use and too big for a pocket.

Here’s a cool comparison website I found:  http://tablets-review.toptenreviews.com/

What do you use and why? Do you use it as an author, reader, employee, researcher, etc? Can your device do it all?