Book Review: Please Fall for Me (The Brotherhood Series) by M. W. McKinley

Please Fall for Me (The Brotherhood Series) by M. W. McKinley

A NA Romance Novel published by M.W. McKinley (11/16/21)


“A brilliant smile takes over his face right before he leans in and kisses me with so much emotion, I can taste each unspoken word of love he sends my way.” (Kindle 78%).

Lei has decided to follow his band Brotherhood to NYC but he’s worried that this was the wrong decision. He has to leave behind his grandmother just as he finds out she has a heart condition. Brotherhood is without a drummer and the guy filling in, Felix refuses to join the band. Lei and Felix both feel an instant attraction for each other before Lei arrives in the states, but Felix doesn’t want to disappoint one more person in his life.


Love, Band, Bassist, Artist, NYC, England, Farewell, Bandmates, Best Friends, Brothers, Family, M/M, Disappointment, Addiction, Drummer, College

My Review:

First Reviewed through Reedsy Discovery.

I really appreciate it when an author creates a world in a series where, over the course of multiple novels, multiple characters’ stories are told. The common thread between the books in this series is the band: Brotherhood. I love reading multiple stories and multiple narratives in a linear timeline throughout the series. I also really love reading the dueling POVs between Lei and Felix in this book.

Much like book one of the series, Please Fall for Me features two main characters with very compelling backstories that will pull you in emotionally. Both Lei and Felix have complex personal lives apart from each other before they meet. I love all the little details about each of their pasts and personalities. There are many rare small glimpses into the personal lives of the characters that one would miss in real life but the author is able to highlight. These subtle insights through setting, dialogue, and actions reel you in as a reader as if you’ve been invited to watch something private and amazing going on between and within Lei and Felix.

Each scene is carefully crafted using all the senses so much so that I felt fully immersed as I read. The details about music, musicianship, and addiction felt so real to me. I empathized and rallied behind the characters.

The relationship – friends to lovers – was very touching. Brotherhood and its members are so wholesome and loving to each other. I absolutely loved every interaction between roommates and band members Rob and Lei.

I often forgot that Lei was also a student in college while everything else is going on as there aren’t as many details or day-to-day insights into his time in classes or as a student.

Overall this book features beautiful writing and beautiful storytelling. If you’re a fan of wholesome and sweet romances, you will love this book. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series or any other book by M.W. McKinley.

This novel was published by M.W. McKinley on 11/16/2021 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

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