Book Review: Sirensbane (Kal Moonheart Series Book 3) by Rob May


Sirensbane (Kal Moonheart Series Book 3) by Rob May

An Adventure/Thriller Novel published by Firebound Books (04/01/2015)



‘Taking down dragons is no easy task, of course, but if you know their weaknesses and you have a good plan, it can be done!’ (Kindle Locations 3540-3541).

Sirensbane is the third installment in the Kal Moonheart series. In this book Kal gets caught up in another adventure, this time mostly at sea and the Auspice Islands. Her dear friend Lula is cursed and the island she used to call home is overrun with zombies, or so her superstitions tell her. It is up to Kal to break the curse and save the islands and their people from a cruel takeover by a man turned evil with power and corruption. Like most of the adventures Kalina jumps into, there is more going on below the surface.



 Young Heroine, Adventure, Gambling, Fighting, Strong Females, Pirates, Zombies, Power, Ships, Mythology, Islands, Vudu, Superstition, Drugs, Drinking


My Review:

I like how May creates a full and rich world to place his main character Kalina Moonheart ‘The Dragon Killer’ into. The world is full of its own history and its own mythology. There are multiple different land massess and cultures and different kinds of people. It’s a new world without confusion or too many intricacies to keep track of. May lays out the land over the course of each of his books so that the world is vibrant and full in the reader’s mind and comes alive bit by bit.

Sirensbane is full of superstition, magic, and curses… and Kal is in the thick of it. Kal is the most swashbuckling, romanticized pirate, fun character, butt-kicking, adventure seeking, young and full of life character that she’s ever been in the entire series. She comes into her own in Sirensbane and is the coolest character here. May has blossomed her throughout the series to come to her most exciting personality and role in this book. It may just be that May writes pirates dashingly well, but I thought this book was the best of the series (so far) and every plot point clicked into place effortlessly.

With Kal and the mysteries surrounding her adventures, there’s always more going on! At first they seem like subplots but eventually all of them merge up into the overarching plot and eventually to the climax of the story that has pulled Kal in. May gives the readers a full on fighting climax with guns blazing and swords drawn, and when the battle is over there is yet more action to come. The ending was masterfully handled.

As always, Rob May has a plethora of twists and turns and truths and lies that veil the plot in a thicket of mystery to intrigue the reader and keep up the fast pace of the story. He also reveals what you think is the plot almost at once to hook you: Lula wants Kal to help break the islander’s zombie curse. As usual, though, May has a lot more going on to keep your interest and the mystery alive.

This book had a very Pirates of the Caribbean feel. People were roguish, there was lots of fighting, and lies and greed ruled the people and towns.

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the adventures and strength of Tarzan, the fun cockiness of Crocodile Dundee, or a novel with a young kick-butt female hero.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

This novel was published by Firebound Books 04/01/2015 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 4.75


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Rob May’s Website

Book Review: Roll the Bones by Rob May


Roll the Bones by Rob May

A Fantasy Novel published on (01/01/2014)



Roll the Bones, the second book in the Kal Moonheart series, begins right where Dragon Killer leaves off, with action and adventure and Kal dropping right into the fighter woman character that she is. The opening scene involves Kal caught up in the robbery of the local gambling house by the King of Thieves. In order to pin down the thief and find out his identity Kal gets caught up in further trouble, involving murder and an ancient ghost of ancestors past.



 Young heroine, adventure, dragons, Dragonites cult, gambling, fighting, strong females


My Review:

The Kal Moonheart series focuses much on the main character Kal Moonheart and her adventures in the fantasy world Amaranthium (and beyond). Rob May does the unpredictable and accomplishes a difficult feat in literature by not forcing the gender-neutrality, as if the world just naturally exists as it does without walls and glass ceilings and labeling people into corners. His main characters and, in fact, all females in his books overcome the fighting female trope.  Kal is the what-would-happen-if-a-girl-played-this-role character that one normally sees a guy play. She isn’t just a female in a male’s role. She IS the characteristics of a macho, strong, take none of your crap character that doesn’t flaunt gender stereotypes as the norm. Rob May creates a new norm in Kal that every reader, male and female, will enjoy reading. Kal is a role model for girls in that she doesn’t have to overcome the prejudices of being female or a woman, she just is herself. I love her for this and you will too (or you might not even notice and just enjoy her story and how she kicks butt).

She is more than just a role model for girls, she is a role model for any reader because she is confident and collected. She doesn’t get carried away by emotions or let herself get weakened by pain or failure. On the other hand, she isn’t too fictional because she doesn’t always win. She isn’t invincible, just impervious to pain. She can get hurt. She can get caught. It is the way she evades death and despair and the way she gets out of the more rough situations that makes her a true hero.

If Kal wasn’t enough woman for you, one of the more aggressive characters is also female, which is unusual for most novels. Those in power and those who are more war-oriented are generally male, but Rob May breaks these stereotypes by giving us General Cassava, another strong woman and character.

Roll the Bones continues the intermingling of one of Kal’s past adventures with her exciting present predicament so the reader once again gets two stories in one. Rob May also continues to interweave the characters from book one into book two, giving us more background information on Kal’s benefactor Ben.


I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the adventures and strengthof Tarzan, the fun cockiness of Crocodile Dundee, or a novel with a young kick-butt female hero.

This novel was published through Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 01/01/2014 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 4.50


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Rob May’s Website

Book Review: Dragon Killer by Rob May


Dragon Killer by Rob May

A Fantasy Novel published on (05/01/2013)



 Kalina Moonheart and a man in pursuit of knighthood find themselves on the same quest to rid a gold-mining island of a terrible beast. Two stories unfold, one of Kalina the Dragon Killer and the other of her present day predicament trying to solve the mystery of the island’s dragon and eventually just to stay alive. This is an adventure for those true of purpose and  who are ready to take on any enemy, no matter its form or shape.



 Young heroine, adventure, dragons, Dragonites cult, gambling, fighting, strong females


My Review:

It is easy to fall in love with Kalina Moonheart. Her name alone would make any reader a fan. She presents herself as erring on the arrogant side of confidence. Anybody looking for a super hero will adore Kalina. She is a young heroine of no doubt and no hesitation. She is strong, witty, and clever. She can use all the tricks up her sleeve to accomplish her goals. She remains emotionally above her past’s tragedies and stands tall in the face of her current enemies. She is the renegade Indiana Jones and for her to grow and develop as a character throughout the series, my guess is that she will learn humility. At times it was difficult to connect with her as a real person because she is superhuman. She gets injured but doesn’t tell us of any pain and is not slowed down by these injuries.

In Dragon Killer dragons are clever and to defeat one Kal must be cleverer still. Rob May has one more trick up his sleeve where dragons are concerned.

I wasn’t sure which I wanted to read more, the backstory of how Kalina got the name Dragon Killer or her present adventure in the heart of a mountain on the island of the present dragon, but I was glad May gave me both and integrated them smoothly throughout the book.

The author has a knack for throwing out intriguing cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter to keep you moving through the rather short chapters.

The only part that seemed out of character for the balanced novel was the romance between Rafe and Kal. It was as if Rob May was told his story needed romance, and he threw it in after he had written the entirety of the novel.


I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys the adventures and smart alecky-ness of Indiana Jones, the relentlessness of the Terminator, or a novel with a young kick-butt female hero.

This novel was published through Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 05/01/2013 and is available on Amazon here.


TLDR Star Rating: 4.25


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