Book Review: The GearMaker’s Locket by Shannon L. Reagan


The GearMaker’s Locket by Shannon L. Reagan

A Clockpunk/Steampunk Adventure Novel published by Amazon Digital Services(03/31/14)


“Lace, chains and sophistication.” (Page 14).

MIT student Copper Rose has always been gifted when it comes to machines and anything with gears and a motor, but when she finds her late grandmother’s locket, it doesn’t make sense to her. Its gears work on their own, without any battery and when she opens it to try to figure out more she is thrust into a different world, where clocks and gears prevail. In this new city everything is made of metal, even some of the people and she is infamous in this world, known as a GearMaker. Copper Rose must find her family and a way out as she gets caught between a GearMade’s demand for her to build machines that come to life and a life she never knew could exist for her.


Clocks, Gears, GearMaker, Mechanical, Good with Hands, Female Protagonist, Cliffhanger, Portal, Locket, Family, Loyalty, Machines, Life, Evil Leader, Power, Air Ship

My Review:

I liked the idea and premise of the story. It was like the author combined the idea of creating real life figures such as in Pinocchio with a Terminator type outcome. Combine this with gears and all the fun stuff of Steampunk and you have a compelling book just based on the details.

However, the plot points and plot arc were not as sophisticated as the book’s central idea and details. This novel went back and forth between capture and escape and the pattern become tired. I wanted an ending or something different. The ending I got was – read on to find out. The cliffhanger was not much of a cliffhanger because it could have ended with any one of Copper Rose’s escapes and the final one was almost no different. There was a twist at the end, but because the author didn’t give me any other possibilities, it was easy to guess. If you read this book I’m sure you’ll figure it out too.

I liked the characters more than the plot. Copper Rose, what a lovely name, was smart but not too smart. She was good with her hands but didn’t figure things out immediately. Alum was probably my favorite character because he is the underdog and I really enjoyed the romance in this book.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services on March 31st, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.50

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