Maple Valley Goat Rescue – a Nonprofit I believe in



The Puget Sound Goat Rescue is a local nonprofit in Maple Valley. It is run by one person, Barbara, who has the biggest heart for goats and I can see why. Goats are the pet you never knew about. They are intelligent and loveable. Some wag their tail when you are close. Some make soft bleating sounds when you are close. Some rub their heads up against you. Some loved to be scratched behind the ears.

Many of the goats that go through the Rescue come from the slaughterhouse. What a dark word: slaughterhouse. I thought it meant a factory for creating pre-packaged meat for the pleasure of those who want more for less. In a world where prices keep dropping for products but the cost of producing can only go up, poor animal practices were created to fulfill this financial demand. Unless you do not eat meat at all, you, dear reader, are part of this inhumane process. But there is something you can do. You can give the goats at the Puget Sound Rescue a better life. A life of space and proper nutrition and care. PSGR gives all its goats (and a few sheep), the life they should have had but there is a catch. It costs approximately $125-$150 to rescue a goat from the slaughterhouse. Goats eat more than just the weeds, they need nutrient rich munchings, in the form of hay or pellets. They require shots and medicine. Some require further veterinary care. The money adds up and Barbara, the owner of the non-profit PSGR has poured her heart and soul into caring for these animals. Last Saturday, they had an open house to raise money and awareness for the animals (as can be seen in the pictures). Currently, I volunteer every week there. If you can donate your time or veterinary expertise or money, the goats (and sheep and Barbara) would greatly appreciate it. Check out their page on or visit their facebook for more information.



(Pictured above: Shearing Olivia the Sheep)