Book Review: Sunlight 24 by Merritt Graves

Sunlight 24 by Merritt Graves

A New Adult Science Fiction Novel to be published (10/03/18)


“You need power to be heroic, but there’s no way to get it if you’re shackled. So, you have to start as the villain, grab the power, and then put the shackles on.”

Dorian Waters, along with the majority of humanity, cannot afford the nano-implants and genetic augmentations that are now available. Without Revision, Dorian, will never be as smart, as fast, or as good at anything as those who can afford to Revise. He, along with many others, is fast being left behind. Not only can he not compete in the same sports leagues, but he is fast losing any prospects for a job, a career, or a worthwhile life. And that’s no way to live. But Dorian has one trick up his sleeve. All he needs to do is get enough money to Revise and then the smarts that come with that upgrade will help him buy more Revisions. All he needs is that first push, that first bit of cash, to get him started. After that first Revision, there’s no going back and it’s like Dorian has pushed himself down a steep slope and with every passing moment, every little Revision, the momentum pushes him further and faster toward the bottom. And there’s no stopping, only an imminent impact.


Upgrade, Genetic Manipulation, Genetic Augmentation, Implants, Speed, Robberies, Thefts, Criminals, Mastermind, Choice, Self-Enhancement, Anxiety, Worry, Regret, Unravel, Police

My Review:

Ethan is the partner in crime – willing to take everything to its farthest – which makes him the greatest partner, but also the worst in the end. Ethan will pull Dorian in, but he will also pull him in so far that neither of them will be able to crawl back out.

Dorian is smarter than he gives himself credit for and he gives himself enough quite a bit of credit. It’s just not enough to compete with the Revised… Being your best and trying your hardest isn’t enough because the rich kids can purchase better genes and are suddenly twice as good without even trying.

I fell in love with more than just the characters. Their situations and how they felt about their own lives was so tangible, so real that I empathized with them and their actions. Dorian IS a good guy. He spent five years trying to help a guy who had crippling anxiety. He spent years helping his brother pretend to be empathetic and cope with who he is.

I didn’t know what was coming, but I knew something was coming. Something big that was going to blow everything up for Dorian. The ending was everything I wanted it to be and more.

I was so intrigued with everything Jaden… Jaden is this black hole that is drifting closer to planet Dorian, ready to swallow him up.

I loved all the little details of this book and can’t wait to read more by Merritt Graves.

This novel will be published on 10/03/2018

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

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