Book Review: The Heaviness of Knowing (The Conscious Dreamer Series Book 1) by Sharolyn G. Brown


The Heaviness of Knowing (The Conscious Dreamer Series Book 1) by Sharolyn G. Brown

A Science Fiction Novel published by Sharolyn Brown (07/01/16)


“Do not let your fear make you dumb to what you know is the truth.” (Kindle Location 796).

Roxal lives in the safety of a compound on Trebor, where her planet has been destroyed, but she has a chance to save the parallel world of Earth through Dream Travel. Roxal connects with an Earthan woman named Lauren in her dreams to influence her work so that Earth can be saved and not meet the same fate as Trebor.

These are all lies. Treboran Keepers want to take over Earth through influencing Earthens using Dream Travel and Roxal and Lauren are both very important cogs in this mission. When Roxal finds out and comes to terms with the lies, she agrees to help. Lauren will also have to come to terms that aliens are trying to use her to take over her world.


Dystopian, Totalitarian, Slaves, Gods, Strict, Order, Fighting, Earth, Alien, Pre-Invasion, Caste System, Parallel Universe, Microprocessor, Technology, Balance, Sleep Deprivation, Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis, First Contact

My Review:

The first few chapters painted this book as an over -the-top totalitarian style dystopian novel where the caste system was very strict and the citizens were constantly monitored and lied to by the ruling class. The book went so far as to label the ruling caste as “gods” and to not allow the lower castes to even look at the “gods.” The lower castes submitted to everything the gods told them to without question, even going so far as to chant their acquiescence and acknowledgement of the gods’ power and their submission to them. Then Lauren’s story unfolded. Lauren is an unsuspected earthling and her narrative balanced out the typical dystopian society that Roxal lived in.

All the backstory was sandwiched into those beginning chapters in large info dumped chunks, slowing down the narrative, but the intrigue of the completely controlled society and the juxtaposition of Lauren and Roxal and the connection between the two women was enough to keep me turning pages. The author placed many little teases between all the info and I was willing to wait for the meat of the story to begin.

I loved the sign language for communication in the dystopian society and thought this was very clever.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author and this is an honest review.

This novel was published by Sharolyn Brown on July 1st, 2016 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 3.75

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