Book Review: The Miracle Girl by T.B. Markinson


The Miracle Girl by T.B. Markinson

A Romantic Fiction Novel published by T. B. Markinson (07/06/15)


“My life was built on lies. When would it all come crashing down?” (Kindle Locations 725-726).

JJ Cavendish, after 25 years traveling and adventuring has come back to her hometown of Colorado. When she left all those years ago it was to the tune of an emotional and heartbreaking breakup with her sweetheart Claire. JJ, the Miracle Girl, is back and bumps into Claire at the new office. JJ never stopped loving Claire, but Claire now has a son and secrets she has to keep from her coworkers. Will JJ be able to pick back up where she left off with Claire?



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My Review:

Miracle Girl had a lot of the characteristics I enjoyed in T. B. Markinson’s other books. Markinson’s main character was female, most of the characters were female, the females had real jobs and power, the relationships were first and foremost in the plot, there was fun and clever banter between characters, and there was plenty of drama.

I didn’t feel as connected to the main character as I usually do with Markinson’s characters, as she was in a very different career than my own, in a very much different income level than my own, and of course in a very different type of relationship than my own. Normally, I love seeing how new things play out, but this story left me wanting for a little more to latch onto for similarities to my own situation, lifestyle, and personality. Markinson has created a character with deep flaws, a former addict, who has left her past behind her, but it catches up to her.

If you like an easy, fast read with some woman on woman action and a whole lot of little story bits and well-thought out characters, then Miracle Girl may be just the read for you.

This novel was published by T. B. Markinson July  6th, 2015 and is available on Amazon here.

TLDR Star Rating: 4.0

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