Toiling Tuesdays: My Resume Binder

Toiling Tuesdays: My Resume Binder

I walk around with a binder full of resumes. The binder also contains what I call my “cheat sheet” for job applications. This cheat sheet is full of any and all information a job application might call for. This way I can fill out all those empty spaces without checking for a phone number or an address in my phone. I can look prepared and professional, plus I can fill out one of those babies in a flash!

My resumes are organized into folders (the ones you get for filing), labeled by type. I’ve got my general resume in long (like CV) and short (for quickies), as an engineer (technician, PCB layout, assembler and general), Restaurant server, and as a writer. That way, if I’m talking to anyone that matters for job hiring, I’m prepared to give them something tangible they can use to look me up later.

My binder also comes with my business cards (general and for details regarding my book).

I also carry recommendations and my certification certificates (for food service).

In my mind I always carry interview responses, general knowledge about myself and my job history, and a sales spiel for my book (my product).

Nestled in my backpack in which I carry my binder full of resumes (which incidentally houses my laptop) I have one of my books for what I deem “an instant sell.”

I carry at least two pens in my binder and two pens in my backpack.

When that job comes calling, wherever I may be, I will be prepared.