Socializing Sundays: First Dates

First dates can be awkward. First dates can be flirty and fun. To make the most out of this opportunity, it helps to be prepared and have some creative ideas. The best first dates are usually those that incorporate, 1. Conversation, 2. A shared activity, and 3. Putting yourself in the best light. 

1. Conversation: It is unwise to go to a noisy location on your first date. It is also not the greatest idea to do an activity in which you cannot talk to your date, unless you are into adventure dating (that is an entirely different ball of wax). Examples of dates that would inhibit talking during your date include going to the movies, a concert, a loud bar. This brings into question the entire point of a date, which is more than likely, to get to know the other person. 

2. A shared activity: You can bond over a shared activity, especially if it is something you are doing together. Also, try to choose something that you are moderately good at but not the most experienced professional at. You don’t want to make him/her feel inferior or like he/she has to teach you everything and you flounder away the entire time. Pick something that can challenge both of you and put you on an equal footing. For example, bowling. If you are not remotely on the same level then it is not as fun to play together, however if it is anyone’s game then for one you can see how the person reacts to competition, losing, winning, etc.  

3. Putting yourself in the best light: One time on a date I suggested meeting up for scrabble at a Starbucks. He agreed without hesitation. Come to find that during game play he cannot for the life of him add up the points on the tiles. Now, this isn’t rocket science, it’s simple arithmetic! Do not agree to do something that will show you in a poor light. You want to impress your date, not have them wonder how on earth you ever graduated from high school.