Toiling Tuesdays: The Follow-up

Toiling Tuesdays: The Follow-up
Everyone tells me how important it is to follow up after an interview or after you have sent in an application. I  have tried this method. So far it has not gotten me anywhere. Frankly, nothing I have done has gotten me anywhere but here is my trick. I have been applying to restaurants recently because I feel out of all the jobs (hopefully) out there I am perfectly qualified to get one of these jobs. My trick is to spend an hour or so in the actual restaurant and buddy buddy up to someone who works there and then follow up with direct communication with the hiring person(s). For example, I had an interview for a restaurant I had never been to and after my interview I hiked my butt all the way down to one of the restaurant locations to check it out and show my commitment  Not only did I show how dedicated I was about getting this particular job, but I also got to see if it was the type of environment and restaurant I wanted to be working in. 
For other jobs where they only want me to send in a resume or fill in the lengthy online application I try to find a number of the hiring person or simply the business’s number and give them a ring. This ensures that they received the application/resume and can direct me to someone in charge of the decision process. Perhaps I will be given an email of the person I need and then can send my resume directly to their inbox. I have done this on several occasions (to no avail of course). Sometimes I can find out if the position has already been filled or if I’m not what they are looking for so that my hopes can be dashed right away, instead of hanging on to the hope that I will win this lottery we call job hunting. 
Other times I have even sent handwritten letters thanking the person who gave me an interview and explaining why I’m perfect for the job and what I thought of their particular establishment. 
Sometimes I think it is all a waste of time but I’m sure I will send a card to that one person who says, “You know, out of all the candidates this one took the time to send this card. She must be really dedicated. I want someone motivated like her to be working for us.” 
Soon there will be a phrase, ‘You’re more likely to be bitten by a shark/struck by lightning/win the lottery than get a job.’