Author Thursdays: Library Dates

Author Thursdays: Library Dates
One of the greatest resources available, in my opinion, is the public library. How cool is it that I can read/listen to/watch so many different books/audio books/movies for FREE! Libraries have so many more resources than just books. They have a great nonfiction section, magazines, newspapers, computers, etc. They also schedule community events and programs for children. And it’s all FREE!!!! Not to mention, there are so many libraries throughout the whole country. 
As an author, the local library is an invaluable resource and I plan on and have been using it as much as possible. I have developed a plan to utilize all that the library has to offer through what I have decided to call “library dates”

Here is what my typical date consists of:

1. Read the bulletin board 
2. Go through the pamphlets and check out the available programs
3. Read the magazines (I suggest Writer’s Weekly, Publisher’s Weekly, The Writer, and the Horn Book)
4. See what books are given special attention and a special placement on the shelves
5. Browse the categories and familiarize myself with the level and type of books in each category (especially relevant for children’s books as there are multiple categories)