Socializing Sundays: Astrology

Are we destined by the stars?

I do not profess to believe in astrology. I like to think we all have choices and are not governed by the stars. A while back, however, I looked up my own sign and my “compatibility” with that of other signs and realized that the last three men I have dated all fell within the same sign. Was it coincidence? Do I even believe that you are who your sign is?

I am an Aquarius, born January 22nd at 12:21. According to the many astrological-oriented websites I am:

1. Friendly and humanitarian
2. Honest and loyal
3. Original and inventive
4. Independent and intellectual

However, I am also:

1. intractable and contrary
2. Perverse and unpredictable
3. Unemotional and detached

The best match for Aquarius is Libra but Aquarius also goes with Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.
For more information regarding love compatibility based on astrological signs:

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