Socializing Sundays: Do you meetup with

A little disturbed and a lot disappointed is how I feel after multiple different meetups through meetup Is like a step above Craigslist for get togethers but there are still the crazy questionable groups on there.  There are blatantly ridiculous groups like furries to the subtle groups that aren’t exactly what they claim to be.

The disappointing part comes first in the realization that meetup charges.  Not the end user,  you can look-up and join as many groups as you want but if you want to start your own group get out your wallet.  It’s not cheap either,  it’ll set you back more than the monthly Netflix fee.

The second most disappointing part is the group hosts themselves.  Meetup may look and appear nicer than craigslist but user beware: the same people who use craigslist are there on meetup.  They can be fickle,  rude,  inattentive,  and disorganized.  Meetup has a nice organization to their website but not everyone can use it properly. You may find people who start a group then disappear entirely,  leaving all the members hanging.  You may find groups that take everybody and grow to such proportions that you get lost in the crowd.

Have you had any notably odd meetup experiences?

Socializing Sundays: How to Propose and Get the Girl’s (or boy’s) Attention

There are many ways to propose… Such as with movement and strangers a la flashmob. Or in a stereotypical stadium scoreboard/ring in the champagne/down on one knee.

But what do all – most – proposals have in common?

The ring!

I propose (see that pun there?) that the proposal utilize something other than a devalued piece of jewelry. Even ingots of gold are worth more than a cut diamond that loses value as soon as you take it off the ‘lot’.

Here are a few of my ideas and why…

– A Pet

      Not just any pet but a shared kitty/doggy/tiger/etc. Psychologically speaking the more shared resources/investments you have, the more likely you are to stick with your relationship. We can’t break up because it would negatively affect the kids! Insert your preferred pet as “kids” in that last sentence and voile!

– A Lasting Valued Resource

     Nothing says I love you like a lifetime supply of toilet paper! Just kidding but think of a shared resource you might need if you are to live with the person you are proposing to (until death do you part) or something that can be sold when times are tough such as gold/silver/platinum/bullets. We’re looking for things that will always be in demand.

– Something Similar in Price to a Ring but Useful Sooner Than a Ring

    A ring is valueless until it is sold, right? It might add value over the long run or you might lose it at the beach or to a mugger. However, something like a car has instant gratification value and would get much more use over time than a silly old ring. I’m sure there are many ‘things’ that fall into this category.

Don’t just submit to the diamond ring fads, ask your gal or guy what they really truly think signifies trust and passion and a lasting commitment to a relationship. I don’t think the first thing I would say is a polished stone. You can fake jewelry (Cubic Zirconium galore) but you can’t fake a car or a cat or a house in the Bahamas.

Socializing Sundays: I Want to be Treated Like a Queen

I would like to be a queen… but only for a day. Having to wait for someone to open the door of your car would get tedious. Every now and then I want to be treated like a queen, not too often though just so those few times are more special and “spontaneous”, I like to be treated like a queen. I want the seat held out for me, the door opened, to be carried and driven to mysterious destinations. I guess what I really want is fantasy, where people and events don’t really exist. Where there isn’t traffic or lack of parking, where prices don’t mysteriously go up or poof into existence. Well, that just sounds like blind ignorance. So what I want is to be blindfolded and taken somewhere unique where my every need is taken care of. 

Wouldn’t you want to be treated like royalty for a day too?

Socializing Sundays: Reviewing the Romance

I, like many others, love a good book. I love a good book with a good story. I especially love a good book with a good story about young love. That’s one of my favorites. But many books portray love as simple or easy or falling perfectly in place in both persons’ lives. This is exceedingly comfortable and reassuring to read, even whilst knowing that life does not follow the same footsteps as those made by authors everywhere. I, however, like to indulge inner fantasies now and then and read one of those so-called cheesy romance novels. At least in this genre, you get what you pay for, a romance. Most of the books I read involve romance of a sort, even as the main story line! Yet, they label themselves young adult, fantasy, adventure, etc. Many books and movies that I can recall (correct me I dare you) contains a romance. It is almost a shock to realize something you just read or watched is only about the bond between father and son. This is not as true regarding less mainstream films, but when just referring to the “blockbuster” hits, you get the romance. Disney? Romance. Anime? Romance. J-Lo? Romance.

I digress. I wanted to share a review I wrote for a talented writer, Victoria Bastedo and her published novel, Dear Miklos:

Dear Miklos by Victoria Bastedo opens up in the midst of a benign story; one young lady’s interest in a faraway but not forgotten Grecian young man who once saved her life. As the reader, my curiosity is piqued by the potential in this relationship but the author tears away my attention and presents me with an altogether more promising prospect, the mysterious hulking giant who threatens her life! I knew Therese would travel to meet up with her former friend and future ? I knew the mysterious man trailing her would eventually catch up. I knew she would find herself in a whirlwind of hospitable Greeks and the handsome yet down to earth Miklos. I did not know the pace of the action would pick up with the speed of a racing boat and crash together with finality that could only end in one place, the inevitable and much longed-for ending of any worthy romance novel.

To purchase this novel:

For more on the author, Victoria Bastedo:

Socializing Sundays: What Is Love?

Baby don’t hurt me….

     There comes a point in many a relationship where you reach the next level and give it that controversial label: love. What is love? In my opinion there are many types and levels of love. At the base, there is the love for inanimate objects in general and activities. For example, I love chocolate and geocaching. The next level is love for specific objects and/or activities. In this case, I love kit kats (above other chocolates). My love for these “things” is unwavering but may fluctuate in intensity from day to day or week to week.

     More so than an inanimate object is the love for a person. Still, this love is broken up into levels and types. I love my mother (what some would refer to as unconditional love). Love for family is a bit different than the love you might feel for a good friend. “I love you, dude!” may be a sarcastic remark but it can hold true. There is and can be love in a friendship. Friends are like family some would say and even though blood is thicker than water, my love runs deep because we chose to be friends with one another.

     Then there is the love of a significant other. The problem with this type of love is that there are so many expectations placed on it that it is doomed to fail from the start. Love that lasts a lifetime is a rarity and doesn’t take into account that people change. You may not have the same friends you did several years ago, they fade in and out of your life, not a big deal. But when lovers come and go, it is more consequential. Is there lasting love? Is romantic love restricted to one at a time, aka serial monogamy? Or is there a “soulmate” for everyone, meaning you get one and only one chance at happily love ever after? There are so many questions in regards to this type of love, that you may begin to question the very essence of love. What is love?

Socializing Sundays: Nice things that guys do that women secretly hate

The MSN homepage is fraught with pop-media. I don’t suggest reading their elementary articles full of simple facts and guessable endings but sometimes I just want to see what they say…. So I clicked on one that said, nice things guys do that women secretly hate. I disagree largely because the author of the article (more like pictures with captions) states these in a general truthfulness in that they are relatable to every relationship. Just like the author’s assumption that women secretly don’t like these “nice” things guys do he/she makes the same assumption of the audience agreeing with him/her. The nice things women secretly don’t like are as follows:

1. Calling us creepy nicknames

        For example: doll. As the article only gives one example of what “creepy” is I have trouble agreeing or disagreeing. Creepy is a fairly strong adjective and I wouldn’t want to be called anything creepy but if the word “doll” is considered creepy then I’m not sure I agree with this one. If it’s a blind date then it might be creepy but it could also be an acceptable form of endearment. Context is needed here.

2. Ordering for us in a restaurant

     Again, this one depends on the length and depth of relationship. Sometimes I like for him to order for me, especially in a restaurant say in a country he is familiar with and I am not. Or if we decide what we want and he “orders” for me when the waiter comes so then there isn’t an awkward pause of who goes first.

3. PDA on social media

      I would re-coin this to “excessive” PDA or unwanted PDA on social media. Just PDA once in a while is cute.

4. Assuming we like roses

     I like random thoughtful gifts but I agree wholeheartedly I don’t want all guys assuming I like roses. As I’ve mentioned previously, a bouquet of tomatoes or something edible (or not tainted by any hint of someone in a sweatshop poring over the flowers) is always preferable for me.

5. Getting a tattoo of our name or face anywhere on their body

    Never appropriate. Unless, agreed upon by both parties but I would still frown on it.  

6. Hopping in the shower with us (uninvited)

    Also depends on your level of relationship. If you hop in uninvited and lather up my hair or massage my shoulders I would always welcome the company.

7. Thinking sexy lingerie is a gift for us
        I have never received sexy lingerie as a gift and if someone could get my size right I would love to receive sexy lingerie as a gift! Have at it boys!

8. Dedicating a song for us at a karaoke bar

      Depending on how sappy you get and what song you’re singing, this doesn’t strike me as inappropriate or as something a woman would secretly despise.

9. Ordering one shake with two straws

      I love to share! Nowadays nobody really needs that super sized shake all to themselves, it’s huge and like 1000 calories! I think this is cute and romantic to share.