Author Thursdays: Email Signoff

In the book Get Known Before the Book Deal by Kristina Katz details many little tidbits to follow to get known before the book deal. One such suggestions is to include a signature in your email. Katz points out that the average person sends out many many emails and by including a little tidbit (as an author, about your new book, about your blog, etc) you can garner more attention for yourself or your writings. She suggests changing up this signature every couple of months to re-bolster attention.

Email signature should contain:
-link to blog/website/web presence
-what you want the reader to do… (follow your blog, check out something, etc)

Sample signature, i.e. mine:

Rachel Barnard

Author, Poet & Dreamer

T: 425-273-1195

Putting the moonwalk in my resume since 2012

Ever wanted someone to write about how awesome you are? How you are so cool you can lick your own elbow? How, when you were five you could recite the alphabet backwards while standing on one foot? The 100th follower on my blog, will get a special blog post dedicated to them as well as a signed copy of the novel Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams.