Foodie Fridays: The Best Things in Life Are.. Rhubarb

In our garden the rhubarb grows wild. It is like the cockroach of the plant world because nothing will kill it. With such a free-growing bounty at our fingertips we should have food for days but alas rhubarb is one of those plants like zuchini that only has so many known applications. 
Rhubarb is a very bitter/sour root (the leaves are toxic so stay away). It is most delicious when dressed up with sugar and cooked to soften. 

For more information and a plethora of recipes involving rhubarb, visit:
Here are two recipes I followed with a twist. For the rhubarb love knots after I was done I put them in the freezer and made rhubarb popsicles! They were delicious!

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