Wildlife Wednesdays: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Remember the garden I planted this year? 

Well… it’s growing up!


This was weeks ago… and now we harvested quite a bit of beans and a large zucchini.



If you have a garden, have you been harvesting yet? What did you plant?



Foodie Fridays: Rhubarb time of year again!

Remember last year how wonderful our rhubarb was growing? 

This year the rhubarb is coming in strong and delicious. We’ve even made a $16 profit selling it to the local fruit/veggie stand (I love those guys).

Rhubarb is a resilient plant that grows without any help therefore it’s a gardener’s dream, unless you don’t want it then I guess it would be a nightmare plant.

This year I’ve gotten into making cake breads with the rhubarb and even muffins!

20140502_081114I’ve got the fancy muffins. The recipe I used was based loosely on the recipe for bread cake (upper left corner) from my Zojirushi bread maker. The mash in the tupperware is my attempt at ‘frosting’ where I combined the leftover mashed strawberries/rhubarb with powdered sugar and some coconut flour for thickening.

Loose rhubarb muffin recipe:

– 1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)

– 2 large eggs

– 1.5 cups of rhubarb (mashed in my Vitamix)

– 3 tsp of baking powder

–  1 tsp of vanilla

– 2 cups of flour (I used wheat flower)

– 1 cup of sweetener such as sugar/honey (I didn’t put any in these cupcakes this time)


Foodie Fridays: The Best Things in Life Are.. Rhubarb

In our garden the rhubarb grows wild. It is like the cockroach of the plant world because nothing will kill it. With such a free-growing bounty at our fingertips we should have food for days but alas rhubarb is one of those plants like zuchini that only has so many known applications. 
Rhubarb is a very bitter/sour root (the leaves are toxic so stay away). It is most delicious when dressed up with sugar and cooked to soften. 

For more information and a plethora of recipes involving rhubarb, visit:
Here are two recipes I followed with a twist. For the rhubarb love knots after I was done I put them in the freezer and made rhubarb popsicles! They were delicious!