Author Thursdays: Attention Authors!!!

Goal of this meeting is establish at least one time a week to meet with location for the first meeting and to establish some/all goals of the group.

Meeting will consist of:

1. Introductions

2. My ideas for the direction of the group
3. Meeting times and places
4. Anything else?

Meeting Place Requirements: Local, wireless access, outlets

1. Maple Valley Library
2. Maple Valley Creative Arts Center
3. The Spot
4. Big Apple Deli
5. 9th Hole Grill
6. Original Pancake House

What I want from MVW:

1. A local writing environment geared toward authors of prose (and poetry) that encourages writing and publishing.

2. A writing buddy

3. Networking with local authors/

4. A group with writing events now and then such as workshops, speakers, signings, a column in the local newspaper, readings, etc