Socializing Sundays: For Him/For Her

Creative Gifts for that Special Someone

I’ve already posted about little gifts to show you care but here I will spell out more unique gifts (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, etc worthy).

When I receive a gift I want it to be well thought out and unique to me i.e. tomato food fight a la Spain or a hunt leading to something wonderful. Some gifts, I think, are unique enough in their own right.

1. Write a poem and present it as something edible (on a pizza, as chocolate, cupcakes, etc)
2. Write a story starring him/her as the superhero
3. Make a board game out of their life, replacing the tiles/spots with things they like/have done (Monopoly, Life, etc)
4. A geocache dedicated to them and they get to be the ftf!

Basically if you have put in the amount of effort it takes to complete any one of these the recipient of your gift will know they are super special in your mind and that they are worth the effort.