Miscellaneous Mondays: SoCNoC wrapup

Southern Cross Novel Challenge
Invariably life intercedes and I chose to de-hectify my life and not worry about meeting the challenge. I resolved, about one week in, to write as much as possible, whenever possible and to make opportunities for myself to write. Those opportunities banked off sharply when I added on a 40-hour work week to my usual schedule. Overall I think I accomplished quite a bit with my novel and it stands at almost 50k words total, a complete first draft. Now on to edits. I also have yet to finish sending out my children’s picture book to all possible publishers from the list I have been working on.
Week one tally?
    3 queries sent
    10,998  words written
Week two tally?
    5 queries sent
    6, 889 words written
Week three tally?
    1 query sent
    4,628  words written
Week four tally?
    2 queries sent
    5,300 words written

Final tally:
   11 Queries sent
   27,815 words written
Till NaNoWriMo!