Author Thursdays: Camp NaNo – Like NaNoWriMo but in April

Of Ducks and Writing
Remember these pictures?


Camp NaNo is a looser form of NaNoWriMo in which you -still- attempt to write a novel in a month (April) but you create your own writing goals. Mine is 25k words. How am I doing thus far on the morning of the third day? Behind of course! I’m still fleshing out my novel but it will be grand. My goal is to finish the first book in well-edited first draft mode this year. It is the first in a young adult fantasy trilogy and I’m still fleshing out the plot particulars.

Any of you participating in Camp NaNo this year? It’s not too late to start!

Miscellaneous Mondays: SoCNoC wrapup

Southern Cross Novel Challenge
Invariably life intercedes and I chose to de-hectify my life and not worry about meeting the challenge. I resolved, about one week in, to write as much as possible, whenever possible and to make opportunities for myself to write. Those opportunities banked off sharply when I added on a 40-hour work week to my usual schedule. Overall I think I accomplished quite a bit with my novel and it stands at almost 50k words total, a complete first draft. Now on to edits. I also have yet to finish sending out my children’s picture book to all possible publishers from the list I have been working on.
Week one tally?
    3 queries sent
    10,998  words written
Week two tally?
    5 queries sent
    6, 889 words written
Week three tally?
    1 query sent
    4,628  words written
Week four tally?
    2 queries sent
    5,300 words written

Final tally:
   11 Queries sent
   27,815 words written
Till NaNoWriMo!

Miscellaneous Mondays: Southern Cross Novel Challenge Update

5/31: 22540
6/1: goal:24,207 (24,390)
Sent query to Arthur A. Levine Books
6/2: goal: 25,874 (25,748)
6/3: goal: 27,541 (26,658)
Sent query to Kane Miller EDC Publishing
6/4: goal: 29,208 (27,000)
Sent query letter to Diversion Press
6/5: goal: 30,0875 (27,00)
6/6: goal: 32,542 (29,800)
6/7: goal: 34,209 (30,683)
6/8: goal: 35,876 (33,538)
6/9: goal: 37,543 (34,846)
6/10: goal: 39,210 (….)

I may have to change my challenge to half SoCNoc but I will continue to try to catch up. Today is a new day!