Authur Thursdays: Maple Valley Farmer’s Market

See you Saturday (and Sunday and Tuesday)

As you dear readers know I started a local writer’s group a couple months ago and have been getting it off the ground ever since. I created a facebook page (, an e-mail address ( business cards, flyers, and am working on a website. I wrote a short blurb in the Voice of the Valley to gather interest for the first meeting and posted all over the web for the event. I even made flyers and put them up around town. 
I have learned that it is not the amount of effort you put into the endeavor that counts but the timing and type of effort. Maple Valley Writers needs more members and I know there are writers/authors out there in the area who could use a writing group. I just have to find them. 
So get ready Maple Valley! The Maple Valley Writers are coming to you! Three Saturdays in July, August, and September respectively I will host a booth at the Maple Valley Farmer’s Market. There will be information, books to read, and a raffle to win several informative books on writing and publishing. 
At this point I have spent more money on this writer’s group than on myself as an author! Please don’t let me down Maple Valley, I know it takes time to build up a relationship and find the closet-writers but I am determined and have faith in the project.