Miscellaneous Mondays: What in the World

I would like to take a moment to discuss my immense disappointment in Dubai. After reading about the Norwegian woman who was convicted after being raped I was horrified. Dubai is basically admitting that rape is the woman’s fault and therefore when it does occur (if she is married) then she is committing the crime of “unlawful sex” aka adultery. This backwards thinking is shocking but more so is how quick Dubai was to give up on its ‘morals’ after the western world’s outcry. Dubai doesn’t want to be in the world’s negative light but that does not pardon them for sentencing the woman and for their behavior in regards to the incident. I think there should be more retribution against Dubai and their atrocious behavior. Human rights were violated and all that happened was a pardon for the crime? What will happen if another woman is raped in Dubai? If it is not made public, will the woman just suffer in jail as well as from the rape itself? Despicable. I sincerely hope that there is an afterlife and that those in charge of these kinds of deplorable decisions meet their just desserts.

If the USA takes it upon itself to invade another country for the purpose of democratizing, then wouldn’t this be similar cause? Re-education is needed in Dubai.