Toiling Tuesdays: Within the Lines

At my new job I park on the side of the building. For several hours the side of the building shades the entire 3-space wide 20 or so space deep parking lot. Then as the sun rises, all but the spots closest to the building are full in the sun. There are enough employees who park in the lot that there aren’t that many extra spaces. They aren’t particularly wide spaces either but they are spacey enough for normal-sized cars. The mini-cooper I’m driving fits perfectly in the spot. However, there is that one person who parks in two spots, right in the middle. They take up the one closest to the building and the middle spot. I think this is such a jerk move. Their car is not overly large or overly wide. I don’t think this is okay to do, even if they are “senior” employees because one car does not need two spaces. It’s not like it’s a Ferrari either. Jerks. It really bothers me that they do this. Gosh, didn’t they learn to stay within the lines in elementary school?