Socializing Sundays: The Smartphone date

I may be young, hip and cool but I just don’t understand the smartphone date. You know what I’m talking about, the young – middle aged couple who goes out on a date and spends 75% of the face time with their eyes glued to their cell screen. Don’t you know how ridiculous you look with a minuscule computer six inches from your face? You look like the blubber-balls from Wall-E. And even when not on a date, per se but an outing or a social gathering you cannot socially function without plodding away on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, twitter, blogger, tickld, etc. You are the most self-absorbed socially backwards bunch of awkward teens (or adults really) people I have ever seen. At least have the decency to pay attention to your surroundings and respect those you have come out to see/visit/hang out with. It is incredibly rude to do what I call “time waste” on your phone while in a social setting. Unless you are helping a friend with directions or taking a call from your mother, I should not see you tippity tapping away on your smartphone. I do not care if you want to show me that video you are thinking about right this second. You know what we did back in my day? We played footsie with each other. Just kidding. We talked and laughed and made eye contact. You know, 20 years from now you’ll be cross eyed from staring at a tiny screen for years and you won’t have any real friends anymore, only Facebook friends and followers. And far away, on what used to be Earth, two little robots are falling in love.