Socializing Sundays: I Want to be Treated Like a Queen

I would like to be a queen… but only for a day. Having to wait for someone to open the door of your car would get tedious. Every now and then I want to be treated like a queen, not too often though just so those few times are more special and “spontaneous”, I like to be treated like a queen. I want the seat held out for me, the door opened, to be carried and driven to mysterious destinations. I guess what I really want is fantasy, where people and events don’t really exist. Where there isn’t traffic or lack of parking, where prices don’t mysteriously go up or poof into existence. Well, that just sounds like blind ignorance. So what I want is to be blindfolded and taken somewhere unique where my every need is taken care of. 

Wouldn’t you want to be treated like royalty for a day too?