Author Thursdays: Book Review of Mistress of the Dancing Bones by Thomas Alexander

Thomas Alexander’s world in Mistress of the Dancing Bones is one where magic is realistic and woven organically throughout the story. The setting and the characters are so much a part of the landscape that I do not question their existence but instead ache as they thrust themselves into danger and am giddy when any trickles of romance play out. The characters were distinctive and robust and became increasingly intriguing to me as the web of relationships and allegiances was revealed, like a world shrouded in mist that becomes clear piece by piece as the mist drifts away. As I read through to the end of the novel, I realized I did not want to let go of the story. Reading a good book such as this one is like being on a sugar high, the visualization of the action and emotional attachment to the characters is so intense that when the lines of plot are smoothed out and the last word has been consumed, you are left feeling empty and disappointed that you were not there with Ashia – the Mistress of the Dancing Bones and main character – throughout her adventures. The next best thing is to continue on with her when the next part of her journey is revealed in the second novel.