NaNo November: Do You Have Your Book Idea?

What am I going to do! Nano is in 4 days!

You’re not alone. There are people and places ready to help you with your book. Check out’s own page for getting ready for nano. If you’re not like me and you don’t have an outstanding document full of ideas you probably will never have the time to write, then here are a few ways to find your story:
1. Observe
     People are crazy. They do crazy things for crazy reasons. They say crazy things. They wear crazy things. Best places to observe include airports, large malls, and playgrounds. Just don’t be creepy, ok?
2. Read your old writings (I’m talking all the way down to grade school)
      Kids have a way of misinterpreting things or imagining situations that may be absurd or may be the plot of your next novel. You never know… Plus, if you were the author then past you just gave presnt you the inspiration!
3. Check out the horoscopes and newspaper headlines
     Get character motivations or plot twists from your local paper.
     There are many resources online for finding and developing your ideas.