Socializing Sundays: How to Propose and Get the Girl’s (or boy’s) Attention

There are many ways to propose… Such as with movement and strangers a la flashmob. Or in a stereotypical stadium scoreboard/ring in the champagne/down on one knee.

But what do all – most – proposals have in common?

The ring!

I propose (see that pun there?) that the proposal utilize something other than a devalued piece of jewelry. Even ingots of gold are worth more than a cut diamond that loses value as soon as you take it off the ‘lot’.

Here are a few of my ideas and why…

– A Pet

      Not just any pet but a shared kitty/doggy/tiger/etc. Psychologically speaking the more shared resources/investments you have, the more likely you are to stick with your relationship. We can’t break up because it would negatively affect the kids! Insert your preferred pet as “kids” in that last sentence and voile!

– A Lasting Valued Resource

     Nothing says I love you like a lifetime supply of toilet paper! Just kidding but think of a shared resource you might need if you are to live with the person you are proposing to (until death do you part) or something that can be sold when times are tough such as gold/silver/platinum/bullets. We’re looking for things that will always be in demand.

– Something Similar in Price to a Ring but Useful Sooner Than a Ring

    A ring is valueless until it is sold, right? It might add value over the long run or you might lose it at the beach or to a mugger. However, something like a car has instant gratification value and would get much more use over time than a silly old ring. I’m sure there are many ‘things’ that fall into this category.

Don’t just submit to the diamond ring fads, ask your gal or guy what they really truly think signifies trust and passion and a lasting commitment to a relationship. I don’t think the first thing I would say is a polished stone. You can fake jewelry (Cubic Zirconium galore) but you can’t fake a car or a cat or a house in the Bahamas.