Socializing Sundays: Do you meetup with

A little disturbed and a lot disappointed is how I feel after multiple different meetups through meetup Is like a step above Craigslist for get togethers but there are still the crazy questionable groups on there.  There are blatantly ridiculous groups like furries to the subtle groups that aren’t exactly what they claim to be.

The disappointing part comes first in the realization that meetup charges.  Not the end user,  you can look-up and join as many groups as you want but if you want to start your own group get out your wallet.  It’s not cheap either,  it’ll set you back more than the monthly Netflix fee.

The second most disappointing part is the group hosts themselves.  Meetup may look and appear nicer than craigslist but user beware: the same people who use craigslist are there on meetup.  They can be fickle,  rude,  inattentive,  and disorganized.  Meetup has a nice organization to their website but not everyone can use it properly. You may find people who start a group then disappear entirely,  leaving all the members hanging.  You may find groups that take everybody and grow to such proportions that you get lost in the crowd.

Have you had any notably odd meetup experiences?