Call for Indie Books for Me (Rachel Barnard) to Review

Dear Readers and Writers,

I love to read. I love to write. I love to tell the world my opinions. My current tbr (to-be-read) list is shrinking rapidly and I need new books! My preferences tend to lie in local authors of Indie books in the genres of YA/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Action and Adventure. Have you written a book and are looking for reviews? Do you know of a really good Indie book that I should read and review? I want to support authors like me and use my talents to add to the melee that we call the internet. I post reviews on my blog here, on Goodreads and Amazon. I am now reading in both Kindle and print version. If I get the physical copy of a book, I require it to be signed by the author (which usually entails local events to purchase the novel or a giveaway. If you know of any author book release parties/readings/etc in the Bellevue/Seattle area I would love to know about them).

My dream one day when I’m a millionaire/billionaire is to fund Indie authors so that they can convert their novels into audiobooks.

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