Seattle Specific Saturdays: Tacoma Release Party for FAIREST by MARISSA MEYER

I believe that I’m a Lunartic (am I using that correctly?) I absolutely love Marissa Meyer and have read everything she has read that’s available. She is my newly won favorite YA author and she is brilliant and I met her this past Tuesday…

fairestrelease012715 (3)

It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a book-author event and it was a whopping big event! There were around 300 people who came and I made sure I was early (to charge my car and get parking and snag an early book signing ticket).

I was also in costume… as guess who! Of course the Queen.

fairestrelease012715 (4) fairestrelease012715 (1)

I won the VIP swag bag and got three books signed and the new copy of Fairest. Thanks Marissa and Macmillan PR team! I love my swag!

fairestrelease012715 (2)

I had my face airbrush painted and wore my spooky black colored contacts.

20150127_205818     fairestrelease012715 (5)


My birthday party and Marissa’s release party made for an epic January for me!