Beta Readers Wanted!

Beta readers wanted! Signup on my blog to be a beta reader for either of my WIPs Donuts in an Empty Field (For the Love of Donuts Books) or Flora Finds Her Magic. Donuts will be available for beta reading this summer and Flora will be available for beta reading this fall.


For the Love of Donuts: (working summary)

Best friends Nichole and Vanessa work through life, death and the local food challenge   In the moment you have to choose between doing what is right and letting go of anger, what will you choose to do? Nessa has harbored anger at the son of the local restaurant, where her father rushed into an accidental fire to save him and died from complications. Nessa has never forgiven the boy, but will have to let go of her anger in order to save herself and the boy again.

Flora Finds Her Magic: (working summary)

Flora wanted to be an artist, but artists without strong magic are not taken seriously. Flora has to find her magic, but every time she tries something new it backfires. Her best friend Sebastian is not concerned with magic, only finding his real parents and Flora has a hard time taking him seriously. Magic is everything. Magic is important. Magic is how you are adopted. Sebastian was adopted before he got his magic because he had potential. Flora has no potential, only a love of art, and no prospective parents will want to adopt her. Stuck in a group home, Flora’s only chance for a future is to discover what’s been inside herself all along, and it’s not just magic.


Here’s what I’ll need from you:

  • You need to be honest and bold and willing to give any criticisms
  • Be familiar with fiction and YA
  • Be a reader and/or a writer
  • Be able to give real critique and forthright assessment of the manuscript
  • Be able to evaluate with depth and/or breadth
  • Be able to find weak spots
  • I’m not looking for line editing, but critique on plot, character development, storyline, etc.


**You won’t hurt my feelings. You can tell me anything and everything. Better now than after it’s published, right?**


Here’s what you’ll get from me:

  • A formatted version of the novel (pdf/doc/ePub)
  • I’m also a reader so if you have a book out I will see if it’s something I’d like and may put it in my review pile
  • I will give serious consideration to every comment, suggestion, and question you pose
  • I will thank you profusely!
  • I would love to give you a small token of my appreciation if you would like ($5 gift card to Amazon)
  • I have 2 other novels I’d love to give you a copy of if you’d like
  • When I create swag packs/marketing materials/cool things associated with my books I’ll give you one/some

To signup: fill out the contact form below and I will add you as a beta reader and send you a copy in the format requested when it’s available, depending on the book(s) you chose.