Book Review: Grip (The Slip Trilogy Book 2) by David Estes

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Grip (The Slip Trilogy Book 2) by David Estes

A YA Sci-fi/Dystopian Novel published by Amazon Digital Services (12/01/2014)


“You’re more than what the world says you are.” (Kindle Locations 668-669).
Pop Con continues to try to capture and terminate the Slip that is making headlines, showing how ineffective population measures could be. They sent in professionals. They sent in The Destroyer – a psychotic cyborg – and yet Benson Kelly still manages to escape their clutches. He has even come to symbolize the face of the rebellion against Pop Con and support the Lifers cause.



Dystopian, Technology, Population Control, Allies, Rebels, Breaking Rules, Big Brother Government, Resource Management, Violence, Hate, Growing Up with Lies, Family, Friendship, Leadership, Fate, Weapons, Anger, Living on the Edge

My Review:

Harrison has more of a role in book two of the Slip Trilogy. He really comes into his own. Harrison, who led a life almost completely opposite that of Benson, is quite impulsive but sticks to his guns when it comes to right and wrong. He may have been lied to his whole life, but he certainly sticks his neck out there for a Slip and what is right. Harrison is charming and witty and certainly thinks a lot of himself, but he doesn’t think twice about helping those he loves.

I liked seeing the twist with Destiny. Estes came down a little hard handed with her situation and her feelings towards what happens, but it was interesting seeing a character put through so much and seeing how she reacts and how she feels afterwards. Destiny can rival Harrison at ‘hovering’ and they are a great pair when evading capture together.

Janice is one of the most interesting people in the book. The things she says kinda sorta make sense but not really. She has the most fascinating insights and says the most odd things.

I loved all the action and fighting and character development in this second book of the Trilogy and can’t wait for book three and the epic finale I know is coming!

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services 12/01/2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TLDR Star Rating: 5.00

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