Book Review: Slip (The Slip Trilogy Book 1) by David Estes

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Slip (The Slip Trilogy Book 1) by David Estes

A YA Sci-fi/Dystopian Novel published by Amazon Digital Services (12/01/2014)


Only through our positive thinking and actions do we become strong. Even the weakest person in the world can become the strongest in their own mind.” (Kindle Locations 3806-3807).

The world of Slip takes population control to a whole new level of meaning when unauthorized births are terminated, even if the child is a teenager. They are known as ‘Slips’ and they supposedly threaten the balanced lives of all other authorized citizens. The government agencies that plan out country resources will do anything to make sure all Unbees and Slips are caught and terminated. In this world was born many children who weren’t supposed to exist, but the Saint Louis Slip has managed to evade notice for sixteen years. When he pops onto the radar, he threatens the very existence of Pop Con and the reasons for all the stringent population controls, so the government will stop at nothing to find and terminate Benson Kelly and all who aid him.



Dystopian, Technology, Population Control, Allies, Rebels, Breaking Rules, Big Brother Government, Resource Management, Violence, Hate, Growing Up with Lies, Family, Friendship, Leadership, Fate, Weapons, Anger, Living on the Edge


My Review:

This book seemed to have two parts. There was Benson’s early childhood where he was the son with no name and the part where was a teenager living on his own. It was fascinating to get the story from young Benson’s perspective, where he doesn’t comprehend all that is happening around him, therefore the reader is only getting bits and pieces of the world outside the Kelly’s home. It is like you know they live in a dystopian like world but you don’t know how far it is from our world because we are given such a small view into it, until Benson crosses that divide and lives fully in that dystopian world.

What a world! David Estes and setting up the world for his characters will make you drool. He provides just enough fascinating differences to make you understand truly what it is like, but not enough to overwhelm you with a complete sci-fi world. Estes has technology similar to our own, but different and technologically advanced to the point where a government trying to control a population after major disasters might get to.

I love the language Estes uses. The slang and curse words are all his own and make for a great young adult book without the typical ‘obscene’ language. I think this is one of the things Estes does really well in all his books and series.
I adored the characters. There weren’t too many to keep track of. They all had their own personalities. They all had their own stories before becoming tangled in Benson’s struggles. They all had their faults.

This novel was published by Amazon Digital Services 12/01/2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TLDR Star Rating: 5.00

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