All About the Donuts: Donuts in an Empty Field (For the Love of Donuts Book 1) Publication Day June 3rd! – Contest


Want to be featured in the second edition of Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things? Submit your vignette, opinion piece, essay, or short story with the theme of “donuts” to

Submissions should be between 250 – 2500 words.

The contest winner will win the following:

  • Their piece will be featured in the next version of Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things
  • Donuts swag bag, including the original edition of Vanessa’s Book of Awesome Things


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About the Author


Donuts in an Empty Field (For the Love of Donuts Book 1)

Letting go of anger is life’s greatest challenge.

Vanessa Smith hasn’t been the same since her father’s death. A hero until the end, he died saving a restaurant owner’s wife and son from a burning building. Nessa has always blamed the boy, Ben, for her loss, and her thoughts are consumed with ways to make him as miserable as she is.

Nichole Adams knows Nessa can never heal until she learns to let go of her hatred, but bringing back her best friend is proving more difficult than she could’ve imagined. In a last ditch effort to break Nessa’s obsession, Nichole hopes signing up for the local food challenge is just the thing to bust her out of her shell.

A single choice defines the road ahead for Nessa. Doing the right thing isn’t easy, but living with the consequences of doing nothing might be worse.