All About the Donuts: Local Donut Shop Review – Sunrise Donuts – Redmond, WA

Sunrise Donuts

Remond, WA


7299 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 885-6112


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Review criteria:

Most popular donut at the shop: Maple Bar and Apple Fritter
Signature shop donut: “a dozen”
Most popular US donut: glazed
2nd most popular US donut: Boston crème
Donut Hole: glazed/powdered/cinnamon/and cruller (a dozen for $2 and 3 for $1)


What I tried:

Maple Bar, Glazed, Donut Holes, Cruller bite, Boston Crème, jelly filled


What to expect:

Although the shop hours are from early in the morning until 2PM, if you show up too late they may have closed shop because they’ve sold out for the day. This place is popular and sometimes sales guys or businesses will buy out the inventory and you’ll lose out, so go early! They have cruller bites, which is neat and a cool addition to the donut hole. The shop is warm and inviting, though small in physical space. The plaza they are located in has enough parking and it’s not impossible to make a left hand turn out onto the street (there’s a nifty turn lane).


My favorite:

Normally I’m a fan of the boring old – yet delicious – glazed donut, but after I took one bite of the jelly filled I was converted. Sunrise Donuts makes such a fluffy dough that is thick but not heavy and is everything you wanted from a krispy kreme and more. The jelly filling is not too sweet and perfectly smooth and is very, very delicious and is my new favorite from Sunrise.