Foodie Fridays: Blue Apron Review

I tried out a 3 meal for two people Blue Apron this month.


  1. I got to know new ingredients (like how to deal with turnips and chickpeas)
  2. I got to eat semi-gourmet homemade meals
  3. They were over portioned and I had leftovers!


  1. The box arrived on the most inconvenient day of the week and I had to let the ingredients sit in my fridge for 3 days before I could even cook the first one.
  2. The recipes were more complicated than I’m used to cooking
  3. There were a LOT of dishes to clean up
  4. Some of the directions were confusing and I started to doubt my own ability to cook and make assumptions

I really enjoyed the experience¬†but felt harried trying to make the meals and not let them sit in the fridge for too long. I liked having new ingredients to work with that I’m not sure I’d ever find or purchase in the grocery store and I will be using chickpeas in the near future! I wish Blue Apron had levels of difficulty/gourmet so that the harried overworked overbusy people can start off with the starter pack that uses less dishes and takes less prep finagling to figure out, but introduces you to new ingredients and provides a ready meal when you’re too busy to go to the grocery store.

The spicy chicken with Mediterranean flair (my favorite):


The seared salmon with fall vegetables:

20161016_blueapron_readymademeals-1 20161016_blueapron_readymademeals-4

And the roasted pork steam buns without final picture because we were too busy eating: