Book Review: Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress (The Redvale Zombie Prom Series) (Volume 1) by G. G. Silverman


Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress (The Redvale Zombie Prom Series) (Volume 1) by G. G. Silverman

A YA Humor/Fantasy Novel published by G.G. Silverman (09/5/14)


Clarissa Hargrove wants to go to prom. Not to dance and participate in one of the most iconic teenager events, but to protest, because prom is for conformists. Clarissa drags along her best friend Cokie and they set up their bullhorns and picket signs outside the school. Good thing they didn’t go into the gym to dance because as the night progresses, almost everyone turns into zombies and Clarissa and Cokie must round up the survivors and escape the maze of death their school has turned into!


Zombies, High School Prom, Alternative to Prom, Vegan, Protest, Escape, Death, Dying, Gore, Guns, One Night

My Review:

Clarissa is an edgy character. She swears. She’s a vegan. She doesn’t go to prom, she protests prom. Clarissa is an interesting character you can get behind because she has a mission and nothing will stand in her way. She has conviction in spades. Her best friend Cokie is a muted version of Clarissa, until she opens up and tells her friend and the readers who she really is and what she really wants, which was way cool!
This was a fast read with a steady pace full of action and adrenaline. I never thought our main characters were going to get eaten and some of the plot twists were a bit fast for my liking, but overall I enjoyed this book. I liked the writing style and how the author, through her main character Clarissa, viewed prom, teenagers, zombies, culture, friendship, and bravery.

This novel was published by G.G. Silverman on September 5th, 2014 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.00

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