NaNo November 16: It’s Over, Did I Win?


A few final November statistics for you!

  • There are 19 business days in November which equals 152 total working hours in an average 9-5 job. I worked 213.5 hours in November between my two jobs (and that’s 26.2 8-hour days!)
  • I wrote 20 days out of the month
  • I read 3 books (Krampus audiobook, Beauty and the Bridesmaid eBook, and Vegan Teenage Zombie Huntress print book). I’m still in the middle of reading Ishmael print book, The Seeker’s Keys Ebook, and Second Glance audiobook)
  • I had 5 events, 4 were author-related sales events (Small Business Saturday with the Neverending Bookshop, Oddmall in Everett which was 2 days, Bard & Starlet with FreeValley Publishing, and a one day popup Oddmall show)
  • I went to 10 write-ins

Here is page one of the first draft!


3 thoughts on “NaNo November 16: It’s Over, Did I Win?

  1. So, Rachel, what is the planet where you live called, with its 72-hours days? Congrats to you. I may have watched more football, episodes of NCIS and Blue Bloods, but I gave up that job thingy a while back. I only started two books, and bought one. Now, after reading what you did, I need a nap.


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