Seattle Specific Saturdays: Local Fitness Club Review – Koko Fitness


As a newbie to weight lifting and those infernal machines where you change the weight and hook up different attachments, having the workout planned out in advance for me was wonderful and made me a lot less nervous to step into the gym.

The workouts are timed.

The workouts can be personalized depending on what you are looking to get out of your workout.

Every time I went I didn’t feel crowded.

There is a helpful employee there during staffed hours.

Easy parking

Central Woodinville location

You can try this gym out

The equipment is new and clean and the building is clean as well.

Data is readily available for all your workout sessions – you get a historical view of what you’ve accomplished!

For example – look at what I did during my trial:


The machines are still made for regular sized adults (I’m 5’2″)

The beginner sessions were not challenging for me

The timeout on the touchscreens kept getting in my way

It took the entire first session to understand how to track my progress with the technology

If you go out of turn/out of step, you’ve lost your workout

The price of membership

You’re still mostly working out alone (I like the group mentality)