Book Review: The Universe is a Very Big Place by April Aasheim

The Universe is a Very Big Place by April Aasheim

A Romantic Comedy Novel published by Dark Root Press (07/28/12)


Spring is having a mid life crisis and she’s only in her thirties. She’s settled for the life that she thinks is what she wants: normal. She has her boring fiance, her two rambunctious twins, and a job she doesn’t like. Everything is perfect. Except that life has other plans for Spring. First her mother moves in and then she meets a nice stranger who can’t forget her.


Comedic, Fortune Teller, Family, Disaster, Chaos, Love, Karma, True Love, Responsibility, Twins, Kids with ADHD, Live in Grandparent, Pig, Bad Boss, Art, Control

My Review:

This book was a fun and easy read, but it also contained an interesting and not your run-of-the-mill main character. The dialogue was super fun and sometimes really cheeky. I loved every scene where people talked to each other. Everything they said was realistic and entertaining. I would love to see a play written by this author.

Spring is a loveable mess. Sam is boring on the outside, but has his interesting secret quirks. Sam treats her like a fixer upper and their exchanges are hilarious. Even the ex from Spring’s carnival upbringing had his own distinct personality. Spring’s mother was a hoot and so was the neighbor.

Every character had a full personality. The attention to detail for the characters’ backstories and quirks and little tics was amazing.

This novel was published by Dark Root Press on 07/28/2012 and is available on Amazon here.

TL;DR Star Rating: 4.75

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